Well, you’re probably wondering what all this is about. Welcome to my personal blog, my so called oasis on the internet. I began this to hopefully reach out to more people than the so few my Facebook Page ever reached. Here, I plan on hopefully starting something that you, among others, will enjoy.

As many of you know, I am a relatively young, tech inclined male university student who lives in Canada. I love and own guns, and am relatively outspoken about my opinion for them. I have a pet, a Beagle, named Panzer, who you may see sometimes. I enjoy gaming, reading and just following world news in general, as well as commenting upon it. On the other hand, I’m currently an applicant for the Canadian Armed Forces, aiming for an Officer’s position in the Royal Canadian Navy or the Army.

I plan to write articles, as well as write opinion pieces on newsworthy topics, as well as the usual torrent of posting cute anime girls, awesome military videos, and just snippets of my daily life. You could say that this blog is an extension of my Page, and my Page is an extension of me. You may see some of my articles from “Your Daily Dose of Military History” hosted here, as I make a transition from posting on my pages to posting exclusively here. There will also hopefully be some other regular authors around here.

So, I hope that you will like what I’ve put together, and what I post here. I’d be honored to be something you’d like to see, and will do my best to put together something that as many of you will love as possible.


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